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Tinder Fungus

The tinder fungus - 'Fomes Fomentarius' is a parasite and a decomposer.. As a tree fungus it grows on weakened deciduous trees and decomposes their wood components. Under its hard shell, a centuries-old material history is hidden. The fibers of the mushroom were originally used as "tinder" to make fire. Ötzi, the "Iceman", also carried a piece of the tree fungus with him. Later, the usefulness of the velvety soft material was discovered for textiles and wound dressings. In the 18th century, a whole industry of tinder production developed in Germany and Eastern Europe, but it quickly disappeared again with industrialization. ZVNDER produces unique vegan products and textiles from this almost forgotten raw material, using modern technologies and incorporating traditional processing methods.



If you have any questions or just interested in buying a sample please email us at info@zvnder.com


The natural and individual properties of FUNGISKIN make each product unique. The renewable raw material is harvested and processed in Romania in a controlled manner. FUNGISKIN is characterized by its marbled, velvety surface and has visual similarities with animal leather, but differs in that it is a vegan, sustainable alternative. FUNGISKIN feels exceptionally soft and pleasantly light due to its high air content, which gives the material additional insulating properties. FUNGISKIN also has highly absorbent and antiseptic properties.

From Transylvania

At Zvnder, the quality of our materials has top priority. To ensure that our products meet our high standards, we work together with local families from the Transylvanian region, who have been practicing their craft since the 1850s and pass on their knowledge from generation to generation. Transylvania, is a region in the center of Romania with a large number of original forest areas and a high occurrence of tinder sponges.

Also the trees on which the mushrooms grow are cared for over years, in order to secure the species preservation of the mushroom. In the whole production process of "FUNGISKIN" no chemicals are used. The resulting residues can be used, for example, as smoked products in beekeeping.

100% organic

100% natural

cruelty free

To Berlin

In the Berlin ZVNDER Studio, the FUNGISKINs are processed into handmade products. The manufacture of a product is always based on the specific features of the FUNGISKINs. Each piece of FUNGISKIN is unique in shape, color, feel and material thickness. Due to the unique material properties, ZVNDER's philosophy is- Form Follows Material". The FUNGISKINs are therefore carefully selected for each product. In addition to the low material consumption, the material waste is recycled as completely as possible. The remainder of the FUNGISKINs can be processed into FUNGI fibers. These are suitable for the production of paper and fleece. Some material properties are adapted to the product requirements, e.g. to protect the absorbent tinder sponge material from moisture and make it more durable. For this purpose, various coatings are used in addition to cotton textiles.




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If you have any questions or just interested in buying a sample please email us at info@zvnder.com